Whether you’re an ADHD teen or adult, or a professional seeking more productivity and less overwhelm in your career or home life, I offer three options for coaching with me.

The vast majority of my clients opt for the Intensive Private option, but many opt for the less formal, more affordable Video-Assisted. And clients sometimes book a Laser Coaching session as a trial before continuing to one of the other options…

Intensive Private ADHD or Productivity Coaching (Monthly Package)
•    Four weekly 45-minute coaching sessions via phone or Zoom.
•    One follow-up/accountability email or text after each session.
•    Best for aggressively attacking those ADHD or productivity issues that most affect your performance and happiness.
•    Fee: $550 per month, paid in advance via PayPal.

“I’m feeling so much better lately as your tips play over in my head in all I do — for real! I’m a work in progress of course, but it’s working and I’m feeling better so Thank You Thank You!”  – Janice, Toronto

I’m ready to take action!

Video-Assisted Private ADHD Coaching (10-Session Package)
•    10 weekly 30-minute coaching sessions via phone or Zoom.
•    We use the award-winning ADD Crusher™ Video/Audio/PDF program as a 10-step guide to “crushing your ADHD”.
•    One follow-up/accountability email or text after each session.
•    Best value and systematically attacks range of ADHD issues.
•    Fee: $500, paid in advance via PayPal. Does not include discounted purchase of ADD Crusher™ Program. (See more below…)

The Video-Assisted option is less traditional and more affordable — yet every bit as impactful. We use the ADD Crusher™ Program (purchased at the outset using a special promo code for 25% off). We do ten 30-minute weekly sessions, each probing one of the 10 ADD Crusher™ strategies, but also diving into related issues including whatever happens to be your biggest barrier at the moment. The Videos, Audio Companions and pdf “Toolkits” help you keep the strategies we’re working on top-of-mind so that you begin to form strong positive habits. (The full Program – 2 Videos, 2 Audio Companions and 10 pdf “Toolkits” is regularly $95.90, but just $71.93 with the coaching discount. If you already own the Program, you pay only the $500 sessions fee.)

I’m ready to take action!

Laser Private ADHD or Productivity Coaching (One-Time Session)
•    One 45-minute coaching session via phone or Zoom.
•    One follow-up/accountability email or text.
•    Best for aggressively and immediately attacking one or two ADHD or productivity issues.
•    Fee: $200 paid in advance via PayPal.

“This is all I needed and what professional psychologists/psychiatrists didn’t give me when I asked for tools to cope with my ADHD.” – Meilke, Netherlands

I’m ready to take action!

If you’re ready to start crushing the barriers holding you back, go to PayPal and remit the appropriate amount to and we’ll send an email with a link to set your first session. (For the Video-Assist option, if you don’t already own the ADD Crusher™ program, you will need to make that purchase at using the 25%-off promo code that will be provided in the same email as your link to schedule the session. Sorry, no refunds of that 25% if you already own the program.)

If you’re pretty sure one of these options is right for you but you need more information, use this TimeTrade link to set a 15-minute personal consultation with me.

And if you’re not ready for private coaching just yet, or if you’re not able to work with me right now for any reason, for those seeking greater productivity I recommend visiting, a membership site and weekly TV show where we teach productivity “brain hacks.” For ADHD teens and adults, I recommend getting the award-winning ADD Crusher™ Program – which itself is a “virtual coach” to help you “crush your ADD”. It comes with a no-questions-asked, 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

“One of the most unique, amazing and innovative resources I’ve seen for helping people minimize their challenges with ADHD.  A must-have for anyone with ADHD or who works with people with ADHD.”
ADHD Coach Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC, SCAC

My Short Bio…Former drunk/drug addict/criminal and ADHD mess. Diagnosed at 36. Now retired ad exec, successful entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, productivity coach and host of Crusher™TV ( That short enough for ya?

If you’re serious about reaching your potential, let’s talk soon.