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Best Procrastination Hacks: Episode 20 PREVIEW

Are you free of procrastination-related sin? When a daunting deed demands doing…Are you able to cast out the demons of dicking around? Not always, I know. But redemption awaits. In this episode, we bring back our Guest Experts’ greatest hacks for procrastination. And behold, there’s much more…

Have an Extra Hour Each Day: Episode 19 PREVIEW

You never have enough time. That @#$%! clock is always ticking. Arrgh!! Or how about, “Ahhhh.” A set of brain hack that steal back an hour a day…basically, a workday each week. Not joking. Plus my very cool Guest Expert, InventiveLabs COO Tom Bergeron. And mucho mas.

The Power of Your Beliefs: Episode 18 PREVIEW

When it comes to your beliefs, actions and your resulting success or failure, 3 powerful phenomena are at play: Negativity Bias. Availability Heuristic. Neurochemistry. And when they’re working their magic, you’re totally screwed. In this episode, we’ll crush ‘em. David Giwerc, MCC, also provides insights in these matters….


Everyone procrastinates, but let’s be honest: you can’t afford it. Every delay or escape is costly – sometimes so costly as to alter our fortunes and fates. I’ll reveal one counter-intuitive trick that’ll get you crushing. Then esteemed psychologist Ari Tuckman joins to add his own trick of the productivity trade. 

Greatest Hacks of 2015: Episode 16 PREVIEW

Fact is, you can significantly alter the output of your brain – and the resulting output in your life – by tweaking what’s going on up in there. And in this episode, I’ll recap CrusherTV’s greatest hits – or greatest hacks  – of the year. DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!

Get More Done with Less @#$&!: Episode 15 PREVIEW

Ever get to the end of a long, hard day and feel like you haven’t gotten much done? This episode’s for YOU. There are key reasons so many of us are busy with activities, but not ACTIONS. And with the help of therapist/coach Eric Tivers, we’ll reveal the hacks to action.