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Get Peace of Mind with Peace of Place: Episode 14 PREVIEW

There’s a lotta noise goin’ on in our brains. Made worse by visual noise around us. We are often our own brain’s worst enemy by maintaining a home and/or office that’s full of energy-draining STUFF. Which we’ll clear out with the help of a top Professional Organizer, Dr. Regina Lark.

Brain Hacks of Great Athletes: Episode 13 PREVIEW

Great athletes use powerful brain hacks to break through mental barriers and keep going when the body is begging for mercy. We’ll be joined by Robert Tudisco, an accomplished long-distance runner who’ll share a few of these secrets – and how he broke through the challenges of learning disabilities to become an accomplished attorney.

Avoid These Holiday Blunders: Episode 12 PREVIEW

This is a very stressful time of year. There are many real pitfalls awaiting the holiday reveler…and in this episode we’ll steer you clear of a few of the most common holiday blunders. We’ll be joined by legendary comedian Rick Green. And there’ll be plenty more good cheer…

How to Power UP Your Mind: Episode 11 PREVIEW

Did you know you can power UP your mind by quieting it down? It’s easier than you think and you needn’t sit on a bed of nails to do it. Plus, psychotherapist Dr. Colleen Mullen will share a unique way to shut off worry and turn on your brain full-blast…and much more.

Brain Foods vs Stupid Foods: Episode 10 PREVIEW

They say, “You are what you eat.” To the extent it’s true, you’d want to eat lots of “brain foods” and steer clear of “stupid foods”, right? In this episode, we’ll sort out the brainy and the stupid, and functional nutritionist Jason Prall shares some foods that actually…reduce your stress!

The Costs of Multitasking (and the Solution): Episode 9 PREVIEW

Would you like to gain 10 IQ points? OK, I don’t have an evidence-based brain hack for that (yet), but I DO have evidence that multitasking reduces your IQ. That’s no joke. I’ll show you how to avoid this stupidity and Lisa Mark, a Certified Professional Organizer, puts your thoughts in order.