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Episode 8: How to Prioritize

Ever get STUCK, not knowing what to prioritize? What should I work on? This? Oh crap, what about THAT? Or this OTHER thing?!! I’ll show you some brain hacks to get you unstuck. Also, attention coach Jeff Copper shares his own hack to get you moving forward again. And there’s oodles more…

Episode 4: De-Link to De-Stressify

Stress is natural. But it ain’t mandatory. You let it rob you of energy, productivity, joy and creativity. Every day. Whether you realize it or not. In this episode I’ll show you how to sniff out invisible stress and knee-cap it. Guest Expert coach Diane Dempster also helps us mug misery. And then some…

Episode 1: Decimate Your To-Do List

Your to-do list is an ugly monster. Just looking at it causes angst. Rejoice: In this episode I expose the myth that keeps your to-do list so long. Plus, our Guest Expert, coach-to-the-coaches Laurie Dupar, shares a simple hack for to-do list clarity. And why you feel your phone vibrating when it’s not.

Episode 2: Turbocharge Your Thoughts

I bet you’re wasting precious energy on BS. Energy that coulda been used to move you forward. In this episode I’ll turn you into a mini-monk who can filter out the BS-think. Our Guest Expert, visionary coach David Taylor-Klaus, makes you slap your forehead with his own simple brain hack. And loads more…

Episode 3: Flip Off Fear.

Are you getting everything you desire and deserve? Are you doing things that are aligned with your passion, or just slogging through? If not, FEAR is in your way. And along with Guest Expert Stacey Turis — the ADHDSuperHero — we’ll share #brainhacks to flip off fear so you can GET what you WANT.