No-Cost Master Class: Crush Procrastination w/6 Simple Shifts

Evidence-Based Strategies that Work!

Limited seating. Will fill up fast.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that one or more of these statements resonates with you:

  • “Procrastination is a constant challenge. I rationalize reasons not to start on something, and often leave things to the last minute.”

  • “I absolutely dread doing certain tasks – even some that shouldn’t be difficult – but especially big, important, challenging tasks.”

  • “My to-do list is never-ending. And with a lot of things past due or due soon, just thinking about all my to-do’s stresses me out.”


  • “As result of all this, I have trouble enjoying even fun things because all my undone to-dos are always in the back of my mind. A constant anxiety about what’s not getting done, who’s not being attended to.”

If you’re wondering, “Why are other people able to get things started and done?!”…

…I have been there! And I can help! That’s what this no-cost Master Class is all about on Wednesday, May 27, at 9amPDT/12pmEDT or 6pmPDT/9pmEDT!

May 27, 9amPDT/12pmEDT

May 27, 6pmPDT/9pmEDT

I’m expecting this to fill up super fast – so if the deliverables below sound at all good to you, you’ll want to register NOW:

Here’s what you’ll walk away with when you join me for this Master Class.
·     What Procrastination Is – and Is NOT (No, you’re NOT lazy)

·     The Evolutionary Psychology of Procrastination (Yes – it’s in our DNA)

·     The INVISIBLE COSTS of Procrastination

·     The 6 Psychological Barriers to Action causing your procrastination

·     The 6 Simple Shifts to Shrink Your Lists and Piles

·     Some Quick-Win Solutions You Can Start Doing RIGHT NOW That Will Help You CRUSH Procrastination

·     Plus, a bunch of procrastination-beating bonuses, including my Barriers to Action Cheat Sheet – a handy roadmap you can whip out any time you’re stuck.

·     I’ll also save time at the end to answer your questions – about procrastination, overwhelm, getting prioritized – anything that’s stressing you out!

This kind of training is usually reserved for my private clients and our Crusher™TV members, but I am opening this up to everyone (a BIG reason you should register right NOW).

So, if you’re tired of the status quo, of feeling stuck and struggling to get things started and DONE, I look forward to sharing the evidence-based insights, shifts and hacks I’ve used to help hundreds of chronic procrastinators get unstuck and into action on even the most dreaded tasks and projects.

Register now for this 1-hour Master Class, and I’ll catch you on Wednesday, May 27th!

May 27, 9amPDT/12pmEDT

May 27, 6pmPDT/9pmEDT