Productivity Accelerator Video 2: How to Run Your Day Like a Bad@ss

Key points in this video:

Your Daily Plan Has Enemies: Both external (emails, new work requests, etc.) and internal (not staying on task, wasting time on “pseudo-productive” tasks). There are ways to guard against these.

A Counter-Intuitive Measure: One of the oldest, most common and most trusted productivity tools may actually be killing your productivity.

The Folly of Multitasking: By now you’ve probably heard that multitasking is a false friend. I’ll show you the brain hack for effective singletasking.

How to Stay On Task to Completion: This is one of the biggest challenges in our media-saturated world today. But there is a brain hack to deal with this — and it radically changed my life and those of my clients and others who’ve begun using it.

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Next is Video 3: How to Attack the Hateables (i.e., beat procrastination even on your most dreaded tasks). Watch your email tomorrow.

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